This Belgian Vending Machine Sells Beer By The Case

Sometimes it takes a keen eye to spot something unexpected. A less keen eye if said unexpected thing is a vending machine that sells entire crates of beer.  But when Reddit user ZombieFleshEater stumbled across this massive red machine in a parking lot in Belgium, he clearly realized this was something…different.

According to ZFE, he was in Kortemark, a city in the Belgian province of West Flanders, where they clearly know how to party.  An immediate concern, of course, when thinking about a beer vending machine is accessibility. The same kind of machinery kids use to buy bottles of Fanta is selling beer by the case. And those legality concerns aren’t really assuaged by the fact that, per Zombie, the machine “had an ID-scanner.”Unless the country of Belgium really runs on a strict, unwavering honors system, it seems likely a kid could easily borrow—or swipe—an ID and procure an 24-pack of Jupiler (though the machine also seems to sell Palm, Kasteelbier, and Hapkin). Then again, the legal drinking age in Belgium is 16 for beer and wine and 18 for spirits. (And maybe the awkward scrawniness of adolescence would prevent anyone underage from getting that 24-pack home.)

A close-up of the photo reveals some seriously official-looking laminated paperwork, including one sign indicating 24-hour camera surveillance (and to “please respect sleeping neighbors,” since a beer vending machine is likely to stir up some excitement). There’s a price list, too, indicating that the machine also sells more moderate 6-packs, and a sign with instructions for usage.

We’re guessing that sign gets more and more important on repeat visits.

Header image via Imgur