If loading up on Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies isn’t enough for you, Southern Tier Brewing Company has a solution: A chocolate and mint flavored Imperial Stout called Thick Mint.

The weightier version of one of the Girl Scout’s most popular cookies is a liquid dessert in every way imaginable. It’s brewed with mint and chocolate, with some caramel flavor in there as well that makes it “so decadently delicious, you’ll wish you’d bought another box er, bottle,” Southern Tier writes on its website.

Don’t let the color scheme, name similarities, and flavors fool you. There’s no way the Girl Scouts signed off on this one. Southern Tier writes on their website, however, that Thick Mint was “inspired by the legendary Girl Scout cookie.” A 10 percent alcohol by volume beer isn’t exactly on brand for a 105 year old organization that caters to 5-17 year old girls, though.

Thick Mint is part of Southern Tier’s Blackwater Series. Other beers in Blackwater include Creme Brulee, Choklat Oranj, and Salted Caramel & Choklat.

Thick Mint sounds delicious enough on its own, but think of the possibilities here. Mint shakes made with Thick Mint, Thick Mint floats with vanilla ice cream, Thick Mint and Cookie Crisp cereal. You name it.

Southern Tier primarily distributes east of the Mississippi River, and is offering Thick Mint in 12 ounce bottles, 22 ounce bottles, and mini kegs. Time to get your liquid dessert on.