The World Drank $1.6 Billion Of American Wine Last Year

The World Drank $1.6 Billion Dollars Of California Wine Last Year

Just when you thought the world only cared about French and Italian wines, America’s officially in the running. According to the California Wine Institute, US wine exports reached $1.62 billion in winery revenues last year, setting a new record.

Winery revenues increased 78 percent in the last decade, reminding us all that America’s still got it when it comes to the wine world. California, responsible for 90 percent of America’s exported wines, brought in the most revenue. And in case you were interested in who is drinking out wine, the California Wine Institute found that the EU drank the most, consuming $685 million worth in its 28 member countries, followed by Canada at $431 million; Hong Kong at $99 million; Japan at $87 million; China at $82 million; Mexico at $24 million; South Korea at $23 million; Switzerland at $19 million; and Singapore at $14 million.

These astounding numbers boil down to one simple fact: the world loves California wines. Both the quality of the grapes and the winemakers’ expertise are joint forces in creating such strong, well-loved bottles, that apparently go way beyond just our fifty states’ borders. Next time you’re at your local wine shop, see what the fuss is all about and drink domestic!