North American Winery Count to Reach 10K Soon

Drinking American wine has never been easier. As Wines & Vines reports, the number of North American wineries currently sits at 9,872, and it’s a number that will most likely hit 10K sooner rather than later.

The report states that wineries on the North American continent have increased a whopping 5 percent in just the last year, according to data from Wine & Vine’s 2017 Directory & Buyer’s Guide. The breakdown is as follows: there are 9,091 wineries in the United States, 692 in Canada, and 89 in Mexico.

In less surprising news, California wineries account for nearly half of the United States’ number, sitting at 4,202. Washington comes in at second place, with the significantly lower number of 747 wineries. Interestingly, Texas and Ohio have the top two growing rates for opening wineries in the United States.

Wherever you are, keep your eyes peeled; there could be a winery opening near you.