The Distillery
Photo via The Distillery / Facebook

Attention gin lovers: There’s a new hotel dedicated to gin set to open in London on December 16, and it’s not just for ginspired ginterns.

The hotel is called The Distillery, and it will feature four floors of gin-lover heaven. There’s the Resting Room on the first floor (which features gin served from barrels hanging from the ceiling), as well as a restaurant called GinTonica. And don’t forget the bar dedicated solely to the G&T. If you make it to the top floor, you’re greeted with a private dining room, more bars, and three boutique guest rooms with a minibar and a record player.

It doesn’t stop there. There will also be a workshop called the Ginstitute onsite where you can learn the 300-year history of gin as well as how to make some for yourself.

That’s a lot of love for a liquor that is basically a neutral spirit made from any mash (like how vodka is made), and then mixed with botanicals like juniper and coriander. If you think about it, gin really isn’t all that different from flavored vodka, just with less menthol tobacco. But you can bet that in a world where goat yoga is a thing for goat and yoga lovers, a gin hotel can be a thing for gin and London lovers.

This is, after all, England. That “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign you see everywhere may be a piece of fake nostalgia, but English people’s love of gin is no lie. It became such a big deal that the Parliament of Great Britain had to create the Gin Act in 1751 that cut back on the number of gin shops in the country.

Now gin lovers of the world can sit in a gin hotel, drink gin, and pray that The Distillery isn’t a sign of another Beer Street versus Gin Lane ginpocalypse.