This year, Teremana Tequila was everywhere. With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s premium spirit showing up in everything from ice cream to 100th birthday parties, it’s no surprise that its founders have a lot to celebrate.

What is surprising, however, is just how quickly the brand has grown. According to a Shanken News Daily (SND) email released on Friday, Teremana is celebrating “one of the biggest debuts for a new-to-world brand in history.”

SND reported that Teremana had depleted 300,000 nine-liter cases by the beginning of December, and was on course to hit the 400,000 case mark by the end of the year. During subsequent communications with a brand representative, VinePair has learned that Teremana is in fact on course to hit 300,000 nine-liter cases within its first 12 months on the market. Teremana launched in March 2020.

One of Teremana’s co-founders Ken Austin says those numbers could quickly grow larger. Austin told SND: “There’s no question in my mind we could’ve done double what we have done, because we’ve been on allocation, with many major retailers only able to get five cases a month, when they wanted 50 or 100.”

Jenna Fagnan, another Teremana co-founder, says the brand is doing everything it can to ramp up production, while still adhering to small-batch techniques. Both the brand’s tequila blanco and reposado use roasted, 100 percent blue weber agave and retail at under $35 a bottle. This combination of premium ingredients and an accessible price point have been part of the brand’s success — but not all of it.

Anyone who follows The Rock knows he has a strong social media presence, which has helped the brand grow quickly. This month, “DJ” transformed into Dwanta Claus, celebrating the holiday season with a Salt & Straw boozy ice cream collab.

With Teremana set to release a tequila añejo in late 2021, one can only wonder what The Rock will do to announce it.