Some rocks turn into diamonds under pressure, but this Rock was one all along. After receiving a tweet asking for his help, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showed up and showed out.

Last October, London-based Jamie Klingler tweeted Johnson asking him to wish her friend’s grandma, Marie Grover, a happy 100th birthday. Grover, affectionately referred to as “Grandmom Grover,” had been a long time fan of Johnson. When Klingler and her friends were in high school, Grover would wear a sweatshirt with the Rock’s image on it, and gush about how handsome he was.

After receiving Klingler’s tweet, The Rock sent Grandmom a happy birthday video that sent her rocking back and forth with giggles in her “100 & Fabulous” sash.

It’s hard to imagine how — if at all — The Rock could have topped things for Grover’s 101st birthday. But this year he did step up his game, sending Grandmom a handwritten note and free bottles of his Teremana tequila.

On Saturday, The Rock posted a photo of Grover with the birthday goods, and shared some drinking advice in the caption. “Remember to SIP the Mana, grandma,” he wrote. “[I]t’s not time to do shots.”

Decked out with a bottle of Terreman Blanco and Reposado, Grandmom Grover is free to do what she wants. But it might be safe to say The Rock is onto something here.