California’s in the midst of a water crisis, and Hollywood water fountains have switched to tequila. Those two statements aren’t related, but both were true on July 24, National Tequila Day.

Jose Cuervo outfitted three water fountains to shoot tequila in Los Angeles for one day, one day only — two in Hollywood and one on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. The publicity stunt was put on with the help of CP+B and the campaign was called “H2Cuervo.”

It’s like the Hawaiian Punch water fountain in Mr. Deeds but, you know, more fun.

“While other tequila brands focus on refinement and conformity, Jose Cuervo encourages all to fight the bland, live lively and embrace the now — because tomorrow is overrated,” a press release states.

And while the fountains are gone, the memories and posts on social media live on.

h/t: AdWeek