What if we told you there was a sparkling wine on the market of Champagne quality for a fraction of the cost? Sparkling wine lovers, get ready to raise a glass (or few) to saving a whole lot of money this year.

$10 Sparkling Wine Rated Among Best in World

According to Tasting Table, Lidl’s sparkling Crémant de Bourgogne NV claimed one of the highly regarded Silver Outstanding awards at this year’s International Wine & Spirit Competition. At $10 a pop, most wine drinkers would be skeptical of the wine’s quality based on price alone. However, the wine’s fellow award winners include the likes of Veuve Cliquot’s 2008 Vintage Champagne, a significantly more expensive splurge than its Burgundy-based counterpart.

By definition, crémants are sparkling wines made in the same style as Champagne; for a wine to be called Champagne, the wine must be produced in the méthode traditionelle and come from the Champagne region of France. Crémants are produced all over various regions in France, including the Loire, Languedoc-Roussillon, and Alsace.

This comes following the news that the world’s best rosé costs a mere $8. Summer drinking just got a whole lot more affordable… and you know what that means. More money, more patio-boozing. We’ll drink to that.