Big news came out of the International Wine Challenge this week: The world’s best rosé only costs $8! It’s true. After two weeks of blind tasting, Aldi rosé has been ranked among the best rosés in the world at the International Wine Challenge’s Great Value Awards. According to Fortune, thousands of entries are submitted each year, then put to the test by a team of wine professionals. Aldi retails in the UK for just less than £6, the equivalent of about $8.

The World's Best Rosé Only Costs Eight Dollars


Fortune also reports that to be able to participate in the Great Value Awards, the wines must first claim the prize of a gold or silver medal in the International Wine Challenge, as well as be available nationwide for purchase in stores or online. Five silver medals and thirteen bronze medals are awarded; Aldi, of course, received a silver.

See, it really is true — good wine doesn’t have to come with an astronomical price tag.