Target is now serving booze
Credit: Martin Good /

Shopping at Target can be kind of a hassle, especially when it’s back to school time. However, things might be looking up for frazzled shoppers everywhere. Today, a Target store in the Chicago area is applying for a liquor license. Praise the heavens above, we hope that this is true.

Now, don’t get it twisted, these liquor licenses imply much more than simply selling liquor. Plenty of Target stores already do that. No, the Chicago Target is applying for both a Package Goods license and Consumption on Premises license. That implies that people will be able to drink at this Target. Who wants to move to Chicago?

It’s unclear exactly how said store goers would obtain their liquor. Grub Streets suspects that people might grab their liquor while dining at one of Target’s “casual café spaces.” Those details are still being worked out, but nonetheless, we’re excited.

Target is one of the many retailers that’s hopping on board the booze train. As it stands, plenty of fast food restaurants serve alcohol, and just recently we checked out one of the new Starbucks wine bars. Wine, beer, and liquor is no longer an occasional thing to indulge in. Heck, we can sip some while buying more toilet paper.

H/t USA Today