The Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity to kick back with some friends, munch on chips and guac, and sip some cold beers while watching the game. Or, if you’re less athletically-inclined, it’s the biggest night of the year to enjoy humorous and heartfelt commercials.

Plenty of beverage companies showed up during this year’s commercial breaks — and notably more beer brands after Anheuser-Busch slashed its long-standing exclusive advertising relationship last year.

From nostalgic to creative to downright hilarious, this is VinePair’s ranking of the top drinks ads of Super Bowl LVII:

11. Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head made its Super Bowl debut with this thirty-second spot starring founder Sam Calagione. Airing in only one region — the brand’s home base in coastal Delaware — this ad playfully references Sunday’s big game with some miniature football action.

10. Bud Light

This light-hearted ad gave viewers a break from the intense Super Bowl game. During the video, actor Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh Sperry Teller work through an annoying customer service call with a couple of cold Bud Lights.

9. Busch Light

This ABI-owned light lager brand recruited Grammy Award-winning musician Sarah McLachlan for its big ad spot. Her nineties hit, “Angel,” is perhaps most recognizable for its use in a long-running ASPCA commercial. The songwriter references the concept of “shelter” in Busch Light’s thirty-second video.

8. Crown Royal

Dave Grohl stars in this tribute to Canada (a not-so-subtle callback to Crown’s roots). The brand highlights numerous, unexpected inventions born in the Great White North, including the iconic Canadian whiskey.

7. Rémy Martin

Tennis star Serena Williams appeared in Rémy Martin’s inaugural Super Bowl ad. The video, titled “Inch By Inch,” is inspired by the 1999 football film “Any Given Sunday.”

6. Samuel Adams

Massachusetts-based Sam Adams knows how to laugh at itself. The label brainstorms a “brighter” — and nearly-nauseatingly polite — version of Boston in this one-minute video. It features the recent re-release of its lager, now with a brighter spin.

5. Michelob ULTRA

Serena Williams appeared onscreen yet again during a Michelob ULTRA commercial — this time, however, on the golf green. This sixty-second ad features Brian Cox, Tony Romo, Alex Morgan, Canelo Alvarez, and Nneka Ogwumike in a playful round on the green.

4. Heineken 0.0

“Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania” is set to hit theaters soon and is perhaps best viewed between sips of a zero-ABV brewski. This commercial, featuring the immortal Paul Rudd, offers a playful take on a scene from the superhero series. It’s notably the first non-alcoholic beer commercial at the Super Bowl.

3. Budweiser

Care to play a round of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? This ABI commercial references the quirky internet game with a feel-good twist. It also revives the brand’s nostalgic “This Bud’s For You” tagline, which some viewers might recognize from the late ‘80s.

2. Coors Light, Miller Light, and Blue Moon

Super Bowl viewers were transported to a dimly-lit dive bar to witness a well-coordinated fight between two patrons struggling to determine whether Coors Light or Miller Light is better. It plays off an interactive pre-game campaign in collaboration with sports betting platform DraftKings. Forbes called the unexpected ending “an epic Super Bowl surprise.”

1. Dunkin’

One of the most highly-anticipated commercials of the 2023 season, this ad spot didn’t disappoint. Noted Massachusettsan and Dunkin’ fan Ben Affleck appears to run a Dunkin’ drive thru — yes, really — and is met with a surprise visit by wife Jennifer Lopez. It’s exactly what viewers had “Ben” hoping for.