It’s been said that wine brings people together, right? Apparently the NYC subway system is no exception. This past weekend, two complete strangers found a bottle of wine under their grubby, neon orange seats, cracked the bottle open, and enjoyed a few minutes of subway sipping together. The whole episode was documented on social media.

If you’re a New Yorker, or any urban resident who uses mass transit on a daily basis, you can only imagine the excitement that these two experienced — a free bottle of unopened wine stashed beneath your subway seat is essentially the same as striking gold.

These Two Strangers Found a Bottle of Wine on the Subway... and Popped it Open Together
Photo via Twitter/Colleen Hagerty

As Elite Daily reports, this epic subway circumstance was captured by Colleen Hagerty, a journalist for NowThis, on the Lexington Avenue line 6 train this weekend. The photo, uploaded to Hagerty’s Twitter, went viral instantly, accruing over 50K retweets and 174K likes.

Best of all? Seems the guy on the left was already enjoying some sort of boozy beverage of his own [note the personal flask] to take the edge off of his daily commute.

In a time where our country stands incredibly divided, we can all agree on one thing: if there’s one unifying commodity in our nation, it’s booze.