The government shutdown is coming for our beer, and Stephen Colbert isn’t having it.

As VinePair reported in December, Trump’s government shutdown is not only concerning for its political and financial implications; it’s also putting our beer drinking pleasures at risk.

The closure of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) means brewers, along with winemakers and other alcohol producers, are prevented from releasing new labels across state lines. Some companies may even face roadblocks opening their businesses.

As Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson told VinePair on Monday, “the economic impact probably isn’t that huge […] but consumers will feel the effects in terms of little to no innovation [or] no new beers in wider distribution.”

Clearly, this has serious — and, it turns out, humorous — implications. The story has gone viral, and even reached the silver screen last night with a hilarious skit on the “Late Show With Stephen Colbert.”

In the clip, which is posted on YouTube, Colbert uses beer to demonstrate how the government shutdown is affecting breweries and beer drinkers.

“While the president of the United States is living the High Life…federal workers are putting up with Trump’s bull Schlitz,” Colbert says. “It’s been almost three weeks and I Amstel pissed about it. If it goes longer than 21 days, that’s a record we’ll have to call…Guinness.”

The particulars sort of miss the point — it’s unlikely any of the brands mentioned will face negative impact from the shutdown — but voicing beer concerns on the national stage is good news as far we we’re concerned.

Watch the full clip here.