LevitatingCUP Suspends Glasses in Mid-air and Spins Them Around

If you’re into glassware and magic, and/or looking to help fund them together, a new piece of technology that makes glasses to “float” may be right up your alley. Yes, that is correct, technology that suspends your glass in the air and constantly spins it 360 degrees. If you’re questioning the purpose of the technology, this probably isn’t the drinking toy for you. Nothing practical happens. It is not meant to aerate your drink. It’s purely for aesthetics — and maybe a bit of freak-out factor.


The Levitating Cup consists of two parts: a cup and a base. The two parts use principles of physics (think back to your high school classes) to levitate the cup off the base and keep it suspended and turning. Of course, all the floating and spinning can’t happen without sufficient funding.


According to the Levitating Cup’s Kickstarter page, the technology defies gravity. But honestly, that’s just false. If anything, it’s working specifically within the confines of gravity, using electromagnets to counter gravity’s force. Gravity is still working on the levitated cup, regardless of the Levitating Cup team’s claim.


However it works, the technology needs $50,000 pledged in order to be manufactured and available for consumers to purchase. Currently, it only has about $3,000 from 13 backers. There are 29 days to go, so if you dig this concept feel free to donate. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself with a levitating, spinning, non-spilling cocktail in the not-so-distant future.