Most of us are familiar with the deep coffee and chocolate flavors and aromas of stouts. At Pollyanna Brewing in Lemont, Illinois, they’re really focusing on the chocolate aspect with the Snickers-inspired Fun Size Milk Stout. Fun Size Milk Stout is a play on the fun size Snickers bars, and is intended to mimic the flavors to a T. Even the slogan for the beer is a riff off of the candy: “You’re not you when you’re thirsty. So satisfy that craving with this fun sized treat!”

Fun Size Milk Stout is brewed with lactose milk sugar, sticky oats, peanuts, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, and sea salt. The eclectic ingredients create a sweet, salty, nutty flavor that is reminiscent of a Snickers. The beer is 6 percent alcohol by volume and weighs in at 25 IBUs. Now there’s a beer that will perfectly compliment those left over, Fun Size Snickers from Halloween.

Even though Fun Size Milk Stout was intended to imitate the flavor of a Snickers, the beer remains genuine to the characteristics of the style. Typical milk stouts often feature flavors and aromas of coffee, espresso, and chocolate without being too sweet. Fun Size Milk Stout does a good job of staying true to the style, and touches on the flavors of a Snickers without overdoing the sweetness. In brewing Fun Size Milk Stout, Pollyanna has remained committed to its objective of maintaining a strong focus on balance without sacrificing creativity.