There’s nothing like a few drinks to help bring out a sense nostalgia for the place we each call home. Smirnoff knows this, and to help drinkers toast their roots is introducing a limited-edition range of bottle designs celebrating different states and cities throughout the U.S.

As reported by Delish, the brand is planning to roll out a series of different designs, but it is Californians and Chicagoans that can toast first.

The California edition is adorned with the iconic palm trees of Rodeo Drive, as well as a written homage to the Golden State.

“We are the west coast. Sunkissed and star studded,” the message reads. “Laid back but hustling hard. The west side is always down to ride. Tech in the valley, gold in the hills. We make our own waves. From the stars in our eyes to the silver screen, we’re all dreamers.”

Highlighted in the message are words and characters, that when combined, spell out the phrase: We are the best coast.

For those that live on the shores of Lake Michigan rather than the Pacific Ocean, the Chicago edition features a black and white image of the city skyline, as well as a tribute to the Windy City:

“We are second to none. Where big city swagger meets midwest modesty, and windy has nothing to do with the weather. Blues in a bar. Beats in a warehouse. Northside or southside, we break droughts, build dynasties, honor dibs and make no little plans.” When combined, the characters on this label read: Chitown.

Smirnoff isn’t revealing which cities and states they plan to honor next, nor when the next batch will be released. If you want to pick up a Chicago or California design, however, the bottles are only on sale until November and only in the areas they represent.