When the time comes to put up the Christmas tree, every family has its own traditions. Whether it be where to buy the tree, how to decorate it, or who gets angry first and has to leave the room because of the stress, it’s all part of getting into the festive spirit.

California winery Silver Oak has an extra-special way of ringing in the holiday season: constructing a giant Christmas tree using empty bottles of wine. According to Delish, Silver Oak started its tradition in 2008, with each tree slightly different from previous year’s.

Credit: Silver Oak

For this year’s 16-foot-tall construction, Silver Oak used 576 empty bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon (the equivalent of 48 cases), with a special, 6-liter bottle topping the tree.

The tree is currently on show Silver Oak’s Oakville tasting room. While 577 bottles is a lot more than most families accumulate in a year (making the possibility of recreating this tree, sadly, just a dream), according to the Silver Oak, it takes just one month to save up enough bottles from its tasting room.