A semi-truck carrying cases of Bud Light overturned near Louisville, Ky. earlier this week, leaving thousands of cans of “The World’s Favorite Light Beer” on an interstate shoulder.

The semi-truck crashed on a ramp while traveling along Interstate 71 on Wednesday, Louisville Metro Police told Kentucky-local WLKY news station. Reports say that the truck was exiting I-71 via the interstate ramp and traveling onto the Gene Snyder Freeway when it overturned.

During the accident, the truck overturned and spilled cases upon cases of Bud Light out of its side. In pictures of the incident, the blue hue of the light lager’s packaging is unmistakable on the grassy median between the Gene Snyder Freeway and the I-71 exit ramp.

It’s not immediately clear why the truck overturned or how long the cleanup efforts took. The truck and its stash of boozy cargo blocked the right shoulder of the on-ramp Wednesday morning as cleanup crews assisted at the scene.

There were no injuries linked to the crash and the driver was fine, WLKY writes. It’s estimated that the crash occurred around 8:50 a.m., causing some delays for morning commuters.

Twitter users took to social media to share memes about the wreckage. One user called the pile of Bud Light cans a “forbidden mcdonalds ball pit.” Others shared their dislike of the light beer, stating it’s the “best possible outcome for that Bud Light.”

For any mourning Bud Light lovers out there, the semi-truck is pouring one out for you.