Fans of the hit AMC television series “Breaking Bad” will know that, sadly, Hank Schrader didn’t quite tread lightly enough. But everyone’s favorite uncle is being remembered in the best possible way: Sony Pictures Television is brewing up a real-life incarnation of the DEA agent’s eponymous homebrew, “Schraderbräu.”

When not tracking down meth kingpins or collecting rocks — sorry, minerals — Schrader, played by actor Dean Norris, liked to unwind by brewing beer in his garage. Schraderbräu debuted in season two when the DEA agent is seen bottling the beer in episode five. Later, in episode 13, Schrader offers a six-pack of Schraderbräu as a prize in a fundraiser.

According to The Blast, Sony Pictures Television looks set to bring the TV brew to life, after recently filing for the “Schraderbräu” trademark. They also appear to be planning some branded merchandise, including glasses, bottle openers, and clothing.

Exactly when we’ll be able to get our hands on any of these products is unclear, but Norris has been promoting the beer on his social media channels. On February 6, the actor released a video of himself in what appears to be a brewery, hyping Schraderbräu as “brewed to silky perfection.”

Here’s hoping the brew arrives before the Breaking Bad movie hits our screens, so we can Netflix and chill with an ice cold Schraderbräu.