Just when you thought rosé couldn’t get any more fun, a new beverage appears on the scene: the rosé wine pouch. Childhood nostalgia meets summer’s favorite adult beverage with Electric Rosé, the portable, corkscrew-free pouch ready to be thrown into a purse or backpack for rosé on the go.

Emblazoned with a lightning bolt in everyone’s favorite millennial pink, the Electric Rosé pouch looks like a Capri Sun, with one key difference: that ain’t just pink juice hiding inside. While it’s unclear exactly what comprises Electric Rosé, the pouch clearly states that the wine is made in Chile’s Central Valley and contains 12.5% ABV – no room for White Zin-like residual sugar here. The pouches come in cases of 6 and contain 1.5 bottles of wine in total; that works out to just over 6 ounces of wine in each pouch, or a slightly heavy-handed glass pour.

If you’re worried that sipping rosé through a straw will make you feel a bit basic, take comfort in the fact that there’s a charitable component to Electric Rosé. A portion of the wine’s proceeds goes to the organization Water 2 Wines, a charity devoted to providing clean, sustainable water sources to those in need.

Need to grab a case before those final summer beach trips? Electric Rosé is available in a smattering of states across the U.S., including Georgia, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Tennessee (sorry, West Coast). All of the stores currently carrying the Electric Rosé are listed on Electric Wine Co.’s website, but if we had to bet, the pouches will be quickly disappearing from shelves as word spreads. If there’s one thing we remember about Capri Sun it’s that those pouches are far too easy to drink, so it’s high time to stock up.