During the coronavirus pandemic, enterprising breweries and wineries have turned to their dogs to provide contactless alcohol delivery. In California wine country, one hotel is employing a more high tech solution: robots.

At the Hotel Trio in Healdsburg, Calif., the affectionately named “Rosé the Robot” delivers hotel necessities such as snacks, towels, beer, and most importantly, bottles of wine.

In order to complete a delivery, Rosé the Robot uses sensors to smoothly navigate elevators and hotel floors. Once outside a room, Rosé calls the hotel room phone of the guest. When the guest opens the door, a monitor on the robot greets them and a top compartment opens, safely presenting any ordered items without human contact.

While now is an excellent time to utilize contactless delivery, Hotel Trio has actually “employed” Rosé the Robot” for quite some time. According to Sonoma Magazine, the innovative butler has been working hard for Hotel Trio since 2018.

Rosé and similar robots are produced by Saviokea, a California-based company that has supplied hotels nationwide. Much like Rosé, other robots are programmed to specific hotels, using uploaded maps to navigate their own hotel layouts.

With the ongoing need for contactless delivery options, robot butler service may become a viable option not just for hotels, but for bars and restaurants, too.