Champagne made this plane make an emergency landingLook, many of us are guilty of enjoying a cocktail or two during the air travel experience. Whether it’s sipping a Bloody Mary before your flight, or whipping up a drink while in the air, booze and airplanes go hand in hand. However, for one flight, enjoying a bottle of Champagne proved to be pretty dangerous. So much so that the plane had to make an emergency landing.

An easyJet flight from London to Dalaman, Turkey had to land unexpectedly halfway through a flight when a Champagne cork shot up and damaged the ceiling panels. The cork fiasco made the oxygen masks drop, and the pilot decided it would be best to land in Italy and get everything straightened out. Apparently, a flight attendant was popping a bottle for the passengers. They may feel embarrassed about it now, but that’s one of the most hardcore things we’ve ever heard.

This plane had to land because of Champagne
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The passengers who didn’t drink any Champagne weren’t having it. One irate traveler quipped, “All that hassle, delay and money wasted by easyJet – all over a Champagne cork!” Um, like that’s a waste?

The truth is, opening a bottle of Champagne can be tricky business, which is why it’s always best to point the cork somewhere devoid of breakables. The cork can shoot out intensely, and so can the bubbles. Opening Champagne on a plane (unless you’re into some Wolf Of Wall Street debauchery) seems fairly risky from the get-go. We also wouldn’t recommend sabering a bottle. The risk might outweigh the deliciousness.

If you’re looking for a celebratory cocktail to enjoy on a plane, check out our list of awesome hacks to make yourselves fancy cocktails on a plane. If you must pop Champagne, aim toward the lavatory.

H/t The Telegraph