There’s no denying that people are constantly glancing at their phones in nearly every public setting, and bars and restaurants are no exception. But according to The Guardian, a restaurant in Italy is now offering extra incentive for its customers to live in the moment and chat amongst themselves: a free bottle of wine in exchange for patrons’ cell phones during their meal.

“We wanted to open a restaurant that was different from the others,” said Angelo Lella, owner of Verona’s Al Condominio, which opened in March 2024. “So we picked this format – customers can choose to renounce technology while enjoying a convivial moment together. This way they have an opportunity to put it aside and drink some good wine.”

Upon entry, customers are given the opportunity to put their phone in a locked box, after which they are given a key. They can then present their key to the waiter, who will bring them a free bottle of wine.

Unsurprisingly, business has been booming in light of the promise of free wine. “The response has been very positive,” Lella told The Guardian. “It really is a beautiful thing to see people embracing it – they are talking to each other rather than looking at photos or responding to messages on their phone.”

To sweeten the deal even further, diners can leave a handwritten review in their phone box when they leave, and the restaurant will offer a meal on the house to the customers who leave the most positive feedback.

While Al Condominio may be the first restaurant in its region to offer such a promo, other restaurants in Italy have picked up the practice, including Separè 1968 in Tuscany. Time will tell if the phone-wine exchange will take hold in America, but for now, Italy is carrying the torch of a return to a dining culture devoid of cell phone glancing.

Cheers to living in the moment, and more importantly, free wine.