Alcohol delivery services boomed throughout the pandemic, as the desire for at-home drinks grew. But the industry is now facing a new trend: consolidation of those same companies.

On Monday, the spirits e-commerce site ReserveBar announced that it will acquire Minibar Delivery.

Where ReserveBar acts like a “traditional” online retailer, shipping its products (which are high-end- and luxury-leaning), Minibar is known for its on-demand delivery of wine, spirits, beer, RTDs, and more. The service, which recently partnered with 7-Eleven, has partnerships with over 2,800 retailers around the country. As the merger moves forward, the two companies hope to raise that number to 5,000 locations.

“We created Minibar Delivery in an effort to build the best way for consumers to shop online for wine, spirits, and beer,” Lindsey Andrews, CEO and co-founder of Minibar Delivery, shared in a press release. “We’re thrilled to find a partner in ReserveBar that can allow us to continue to fulfill that mission.”

While talk of a merger started long before the pandemic began, the acquisition is expected to complete by the end of the year. Details on the value of the deal are not publicly known.

ReserveBar’s acquisition of Minibar is not the first of its kind. This time last year, GoPuff acquired BevMo!, a leading West Coast alcohol retailer. Months later, Uber did the same with another boozy delivery service: Drizly. As the fight for alcohol delivery unfolds, consumers are set to be among the main winners, with buying booze online now as easy and affordable as it’s ever been.

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