A year after its U.K. launch, Renais Gin will make its U.S. debut this July.

Co-founded in 2023 by actor Emma Watson and her brother Alex Watson, the brand was inspired by French winemaking techniques like those practiced at Domaine Watson, a Chablis vineyard owned by the siblings’ father. Made from upcycled Grand Cru grapes including those from Domaine Watson, Renais is distilled with French botanicals including juniper berries, cubeb berries, Kimmeridgian stone, acacia honey, linden flower, lemon peel, whole lime slices, angelica root, rock salt, and coriander seed.

Renais Gin is produced at a solar-powered distillery in England, and its packaging further highlights the brand’s focus on sustainability: Renais bottles are housed in compostable, 100 percent mycelium-based boxes crafted by the Magical Mushroom Company.

“Embracing decades of experience in the beverage industry, we’ve worked hard to turn Renais into a heartfelt tribute to the spirit of Burgundy,” said Alex in a press release. “We’ve meticulously sourced the finest ingredients, embraced sustainable manufacturing practice, and infused our family legacy into every detail possible. We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce a distinctive and innovative gin to the U.S. market.”

In addition to its stateside launch, the brand also announced the release of limited-edition bottle sleeves featuring illustrations drawn by Emma, which depict the brand’s iconography and botanicals used in the gin’s distillation. Also accompanying the release is a campaign video styled and directed by the “Harry Potter” star showcasing the brand’s history and values.

Bottled at 40 percent ABV, Renais Gin will be available for purchase next month at select California retailers for $65 and on the brand’s website for consumers in 40 states.