For those searching for an affordable lobster fix, this might just be the most wonderful time of the year. As part of this year’s Lobsterfest, Red Lobster is releasing three new cocktails to pair with its seafood fare.

Two new Margaritas — dubbed “Lobsteritas” by the chain — dropped this week at Red Lobster, according to a Jan. 23 press release. The two menu items are accompanied by the return of a fan-favorite drink, all available for a limited time.

Lobsterfest is an annual “celebration of all things lobster,” as the brand writes. Its return, which typically happens in late January to early February each year, brings new Lobster entrees and promotional drinks to the restaurant’s menu.

Red Lobster announced the return in a somewhat bizarre tweet on Monday, referencing the rather cult-like following of Lobsterfest:

The Classic Lobsterita is an oversized cocktail crafted from Sauza Gold Tequila, triple sec, and your choice of flavoring: traditional, strawberry, peach, or raspberry. While the drink is typically served on the rocks, it’s also available frozen.

The new Berry Sunset Lobsterita layers raspberry and strawberry purée with Sauza Gold Tequila and triple sec in a sweet frozen concoction. The Passion Fruit Lobsterita, served over ice, adds Monin Passion Fruit Purée to the brand’s classic Margarita build. A tangy lime rim tops off the specialty drink, which is available on the rocks or frozen.

The chain’s signature lobster bead necklace garnishes all Lobsteritas, providing a kitschy souvenir for visitors.

“For this year’s Lobsterfest, we’ve created a menu that’s perfect for both the already lob-sessed as well as those looking to expand their love of lobster,” chief marketing officer Patty Trevino states in the release. “The multiple ways we are offering lobster this year will satisfy any craving, and you can even add some variety by pairing shrimp or steak with it. Lobster lovers won’t want to miss this year’s event.”

These lobster-themed Margaritas are only available in participating locations and for the duration of Lobsterfest. There’s no word on how long the limited-edition drinks might remain on the menu this year — so it might be worth a visit sooner rather than later.