There are plenty of Irish-themed cocktails you could mix up in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, but none could be considered a full course in a glass — until now.

On Monday, Red Lobster announced its boozy new seasonal dessert: The Jameson Irish Mudslide Milkshake. A riff on the classic dessert cocktail, this hybrid blends the iconic Irish Whiskey with Crème de Menthe and vanilla ice cream. The dessert is then topped with a chocolate swirl, brownie, and gold sugar crystals.

The Jameson Irish Mudslide Milkshake will be available until March 29 for Red Lobster patrons aged 21 and over. Price and availability may vary by location, and there’s so far been no word on the milkshake’s calorie count — which is probably for the best.

If a brownie-topped milkshake sounds like it might put you into a food coma, you could always follow it with the perfect seasonally-appropriate digestif: Green Chartreuse.