If winter’s dropping temperatures already have you down, perhaps it’s time to relocate to a warmer zip code. One town in Italy nicknamed the “cellar of Europe” is offering a tempting deal for potential residents — but there’s a bit of a catch.

Presicce, a sunny town in the Italian region of Puglia, is offering up to €30,000 (some $30,000) to individuals willing to move, according to CNN. The cash is set to cover the purchase of property — estimated at €25,000 or around $26,000 — and renovation costs for the dwelling.

The area, known for its scenic views and unique wine region, has historically created wine for bulk distribution. Up-and-coming winemakers are now changing the game with new approaches to vino, making the relocation program an excellent opportunity to catch the growing wine region’s transformation.

For anyone who’s already ready to pack their bags, the program notes that it only applies to a select number of Presicce properties built before 1991. Many of the homes, located in the aging city center, currently stand abandoned.

The project, funded by a recent increase in city allocations, aims to refurbish these empty structures and transform the older city into a more bustling area. While the exact details of the promotion aren’t currently available, Presincce’s authorities plan to post applications and requirements to the town hall website in the coming weeks.

This deal isn’t unique to the picturesque Puglia town, though — about 34 communities across Italy have launched a similar promotion, as the Washington Post reports. If island views are more your speed, the town of Sardinia, located just off Italy’s coast, is also offering potential residents €15,000 to relocate.