Ball pits at arcades and other venues are tempting to jump into, even as an adult. Maybe I’m easily entertained or just nostalgic, but a new Prosecco ball pit pop-up bar can persuade any adult to take a leap.

Prosecco & Balls is just what it sounds like. The pop-up bar has been traveling all over the U.K. and Ireland since July, and has been quite the hit, according to Patrons can plunge into a pit of 250,000 multicolor plastic balls, which is also loaded with 1,000 inflatables to toy around with. Swim to the side of the pit to enjoy Prosecco on draft, as well as other Prosecco-based cocktails, and continue to frolic in the multicolor pit.

While Prosecco & Balls has popped up in the U.K. and Ireland, expect the event to come to the U.S. soon. The pop-up is advertising a Facebook event in San Francisco from March 2nd until March 4th, and may mark the beginning of a U.S. campaign.

Pop-up bars have become quite the trend recently, and there have been several pop-ups in the U.S. this year. Emporium Arcade Bar in Chicago featured a “Stranger Things” themed pop-up this fall before receiving a cease and desist letter, and Pub Dread is a Halloween pop-up in Washington D.C. that is running through the entire month of October. The biggest factor for these pop-up bars is nostalgia, which seems to be a powerful, sentimental way to draw people into the bar.