Ever have one of those moments, staring at the computer screen in your cubicle (or, more likely, shared open office workspace desk), where you think, “Man – I wish I could go back to college”? Just one night of house parties, late-night pizza, and beer pong until dawn would make adulting so much easier to deal with. But you know what? You’ve come far in this world! You’re better than stale keg beer and Solo cups. Luckily, here’s just the thing to use your finely honed college party skills while remaining classy AF: Prosecco Pong.

Created by the Dallas-based company Talking Tables, Prosecco Pong is like the raised pinky finger of drinking games. It comes with a set of 12 Prosecco coupes and three solidly trendy millennial pink ping pong balls (important: bottle of bubbly not included). And while it may be a bit harder to sink a shot in the significantly shallower coupes, it’s probably a good thing, since Italy’s most popular sparkler is more than double the ABV of that 30-rack of cheap, light beer.

Buy your own game of Prosecco Pong for $29 here and dust off those frat party skills; it’s college #throwback time, leveled up.