Modelo Especial is officially the most popular beer drank by Americans during the Super Bowl, according to grocery delivery service Instacart.

On Feb. 3, Instacart released its “Snacktime Report: Here for the Snacks,” a set of infographics detailing the snacks and drinks Americans most enjoy while the game is on, based on surveys conducted with The Harris Poll and its own data. The beverages on the list were measured by “absolute growth via Instacart during the Big Game,” according to the press release.

Coors Light is the runner-up, followed by a gamut of light beer brands such as Blue Moon, Stella Artois, and Kona Big Wave. Bud Light Seltzer is the only non-beer that made the list, in fourth, placing five spots above the original Bud Light beer. Instacart also released a list of the top 10 alcohol categories ordered on their application, with eight out of the 10 spots held by various light beers. Hard seltzers and ready-to-drink canned cocktails made the cut in third and tenth place, respectively.

Top beer brands ordered during the Super Bowl, according to Instacart:

  1. Modelo Especial
  2. Coors Light
  3. Blue Moon
  4. Bud Light Seltzer
  5. Corona Extra
  6. Stella Artois
  7. Kona Big Wave
  8. Michelob Ultra
  9. Bud Light
  10. Corona Light

Top alcohol categories ordered during the Super Bowl, according to Instacart:

  1. Light Lager
  2. Mexican Style Lagers
  3. Hard Seltzers
  4. India Pale Ale
  5. Beer Variety Packs
  6. American Style Lager
  7. Pale Ale
  8. Pale Lager
  9. Wheat Ale
  10. Canned Cocktails