Who among us hasn’t ordered a pizza and thought, Man am I thirsty? The good people of Pizza Hut apparently share this predicament. This week, the national chain announced it will deliver beer and wine with food orders, Fortune reports.

Pizza Hut began a trial run of beer delivery in downtown Phoenix on Tuesday. Customers in that market can now order a six-pack of Budweiser, Bud Lite, Shock Top, and Kilt Lifter, a local Phoenix beer, for $10.99 with their food delivery order. Pizza Hut plans to add wine to its delivery service in January, offering both full bottles and single servings.

A spokeswoman told Fortune that 1,700 out of Pizza Hut’s 6,300 U.S. locations already have liquor licenses. The company plans to expand its alcohol delivery service beyond Phoenix shortly. The decision is partly motivated by competition; parent company Yum Brands is hoping Pizza Hut can out-deliver Dominoes, investing $130 million in technology and hiring more than 14,000 delivery personnel by end of year.

Pizza Hut isn’t the only chain to experiment with alcohol service. Taco Bell recently launched a series of Cantina locations, which offer tequila, rum, vodka, whiskey, and spiced rum that customers can add to slushies.