The only thing better than a cold alcoholic beverage on a hot day is a frozen alcoholic beverage on a hot day. And as of July, there’s one more option out there. Pimm’s, the cult gin liqueur from the U.K., came out with a lemonade, cucumber, strawberry, and mint popsicle to solve all of your summer problems.

The popsicle is based off the famous Pimm’s No. 1 cocktail, and comes in barbershop sign red and white striped packaging that simply demands a post on Instagram. Each one is 4.3 percent alcohol by volume, or about the same percent alcohol as a Budweiser.

The Pimmsicle (not their verbiage) comes just in time for the Wimbledon tennis tournament, one of the most prestigious and the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The Wimbledon’s signature drink is the Pimm’s No. 1, which is — like the popsicle — lemonade, cucumber, and strawberries.

There’s just one downside. The popsicle, like the Wimbledon, is only in the U.K. Stateside alcohol popsicle fans will just have to be content with poptails, frosé popsicles, and sangria popsicles. For now.

h/t: Esquire