“The Menu” is not a lighthearted movie. We won’t spoil it for you, but the satirical thriller centers on a prestigious island restaurant and a group of snobby diners with high expectations. Actor Peter Grosz plays the restaurant’s sommelier, a side role in the extravagant (and deadly) dining experience.

Wondering where you’ve seen him before? Most likely, at the Sonic Drive-In. (Which, considering the plot of “The Menu,” is enormously ironic.)

Actor Grosz has played a part in the long-running “Two Guys” bit in Sonic commercials, Twitter user Kyle Rehl revealed in a Jan. 8 tweet:

The premise of the commercial series is simple: Two silly, middle-aged dudes hang out in a car and sip slushies from Sonic. It’s a comically different world from the dark, sinister restaurant featured in his most recent role.

He’s had an acting role in the Sonic commercials since 2002, appearing alongside comedian T.J. Jagodowski in their drive-through antics. When the advertising campaign was nixed in 2020, a Change.org petition even begged producers to bring them back.

In a reply to Rehl’s original post, Grosz joked, “It’s true. I’m both of these people.”

To add to the irony, the Sonic “Two Guys” commercial lore includes a crossover episode with a sommelier, who’s invited to dine with the two men. The somm assists the men in properly tasting Sonic drinks and identifying specific flavors.

If watching “The Menu” steers you away from fine dining for a while, ordering a cheeseburger from the nearest Sonic Drive-In is always an option.