Is there a more distinctly American institution than the Sonic Drive-In? You’d be hard-pressed to find one, what with sweet slushes, Ocean Waters, shakes, and gooey mozzarella sticks, all from roller-skating waiters.

In 1953, the first model of the drive-in restaurant opened in Shawnee, Okla., originally named Top Hat. The restaurant wowed diners with then-innovative curbside service, which let visitors order burgers without leaving their cars, and led to the catchphrase, “Service at the Speed of Sound” (i.e. the technical definition of “sonic”).

That speedy attention inspired its current identity and the name that most know it by. However, the reason for the change in name stemmed from a copyright conflict. Top Hat was already copyrighted, restricting the Oklahoma restaurant’s ability to expand. Following the adoption of the new name, and alongside entrepreneur Charlie Pappe, owner Troy Smith opened some 41 locations before Pappe’s death in 1967.

Over a half century later, Sonic Drive-In has expanded to a total of 3,549 locations across the United States. Some states clearly have a greater appetite for the restaurant than others, though. While Texas boasts nearly 1,000 drive-in locations, there are zero Sonics in Maine and New Hampshire.

With the popularity of the chain still growing, it’s no surprise that the recently launched Sonic Hard Seltzers are also a hit. Produced by COOP Ale Works in Oklahoma City, the line includes eight seltzers, three frozen offerings, and one hard sweet tea (though they aren’t offered at any of the chain’s restaurant locations).

Continue reading to learn the number of Sonic Drive-In locations in your state.

The Number of Sonic Drive-Ins In Every State [MAP]


State Number of Sonic Drive-Ins
Alabama 108
Alaska 3
Arizona 92
Arkansas 194
California 80
Colorado 80
Connecticut 6
Delaware 1
Florida 100
Georgia 94
Idaho 21
Illinois 50
Indiana 24
Iowa 10
Kansas 135
Kentucky 68
Louisiana 169
Maryland 15
Massachusetts 4
Michigan 18
Minnesota 5
Mississippi 124
Missouri 186
Montana 2
Nebraska 28
Nevada 25
New Jersey 15
New Mexico 74
New York 20
North Carolina 79
North Dakota 3
Ohio 37
Oklahoma 271
Oregon 14
Pennsylvania 22
Rhode Island 2
South Carolina 76
South Dakota 4
Tennessee 228
Texas 956
Utah 18
Virginia 53
Washington 20
West Virginia 7
Wisconsin 2
Wyoming 6