Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR), the company believed by the American Beer Museum to have invented the six-pack, has come up with an even more ingenious, albeit harder to carry, form of beer packaging — the 99-pack.

The seven-foot-long case originally appeared during the 2017 holiday season, but was only available for purchase in Canada. Now, American PBR fans have cause for celebration as the pack is back and currently available in 15 states: Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, New York, South Carolina, Montana, Virginia, California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas, and Colorado.

Retailing for $175, but available in limited quantities only, the “family pack” offers a mix of PBR’s beers, including: Original, the low-calorie Easy, and the full-bodied and higher-ABV Extra.

While the cases are making their rounds via social media, the 99-pack isn’t exactly a new idea. Craft brewer Austin Beerworks claims it was the first company to come up with the idea in 2014, Food & Wine reports.

No matter who invented it, word on the street is they’re selling fast, so if you live in one of the 15 states where the 99-pack is being sold, you better act fast and grab a friend (or make one quickly) to help you lug one home.