They say good things come with age — but will consumers pay for them?

This year, experts predict the cost of parmesan will rise, according to an article on Eat This, Not That. The price surge is tied to a milk shortage from last year, which occurred after the pandemic caused stockpiling at grocery stores. Now, as a new wave of parmesan gets ready to hit the market, consumers will see the effects.

A cheese like parmesan takes at least 10 months to age before it’s ready to be shipped out. This is partially because it’s made to be grated and the necessary texture arrives with maturity. Consequently, the cheese produced last year from March to April is just now hitting its peak, and will need to be sold for a higher price to make up for previous costs.

Neil Cox, customer officer at Schuman Cheese, says that the cost of producing parmesan at his plant went up 40 to 60 percent last year. As a result, he expects the price of parmesan per pound will go up $1.50-$2. Similarly, wedges will cost 70 to 75 cents more for at least the next six months.

Aged cheeses across the board will likely be more expensive in 2021, but parmesan is one of the most consumed in its category. Super Bowl fans looking to make the perfect spinach artichoke dip, or wine lovers trying to top off a bowl of pasta, will have to decide whether the classic ingredient is worth it after all. That being said, maybe this is the perfect push for those who listed “going vegan” on their new year’s resolutions.