Just in time for the Fourth of July, Pabst Blue Ribbon is starting the party off right by producing the largest pack of beer ever released.

In celebration of 1776, the historic year of Independence, PBR is launching the #1776Pack on June 29. The monster-sized carton contains 1,776 red, white, and blue cans — the equivalent of 74 24-packs.

“1,776 is the most we could do because 1,777 seemed excessive,” Nick Reely, vice president of marketing for the brewer, said in a press release.

PBR teamed up with four partners, who will offer the only chances to acquire the celebratory packages. Iconic beverage cooler company Igloo Coolers, skateboarding podcasting team The Nine Club, comedian Ali Macofski, and pop-punk band Hot Mulligan will each receive a #1776Pack. The collaborators will provide updates throughout the summer for more details regarding how to get a shot at winning the exclusive extra-large cases.

For those in need of a party-sized portion of PBR in the immediate future, the brand also announced the return of its highly anticipated 99-can packs that saw a limited release in 2019.

And if somehow these options aren’t quite enough, the emailed press release hinted of an “even bigger box being released to the general public soon.”