Starbucks unicorn drinks, cookbooks dedicated to rainbow flavors, entire city guides to finding the craziest “unicorn food.” It’s safe to say we’re in the age of rainbow-unicorn food and beverages. Now, thanks to Urban Outfitters, you can serve up Instagram-worthy rainbow cocktails in your own home with color-changing cocktail glasses.

Urban Outfitters is selling rainbow coupe glasses that can add “some rainbow Gatsby glamour to your next get together.” Translucent RBGV (Red Blue Green Violet) coating on the bottom of the coupe is responsible for the rainbow-like phenomenon. When white light passes through this coating, the only colors allowed to pass through the medium are red, blue, green, and violet. These colors then reflect off of the liquid in the glass, which can be Champagne, a Martini, a Vesper, whatever clear cocktail you’d like.

Having the proper glassware maximizes the drinking experience, and is sure to impress friends and guests. You also want to be able to accommodate a friend’s request when you ask if they want anything to drink. The most basic glasses that should be part of your bar or above the liquor cabinet, like the Collins glass, the Martini glass, and the classic universal wine glass.

Although less common, the Champagne coupe should make the list, particularly because of its functionality as a both a Champagne glass and a cocktail glass. They’re also classy and elegant in their own right. With Urban Outfitters’s new glasses, you can create a rainbow you can hold in your hands — and drink.

Try to catch the next rainbow while sipping on a rainbow cocktail.