This 110 Year Old War Veteran Drinks Whiskey and Drives His Own Car

Richard Overton, the world’s oldest World War II Veteran, is 110 years old. He has some pretty simple advice for living over 100 years. It’s really good advice too — boozy advice, our favorite kind! Overton says that smoking cigars, eating ice cream, and most importantly drinking whiskey-stiffened coffee, are the secrets to his longevity, according to the Daily Mail.

Overton should know, since he’s lived through Prohibition, the Great Depression, and numerous international wars. He can remember a time before television, certainly before cell phones. It’s safe to say, Overton’s seen a lot. reports that filmmakers Matt Cooper, Rocky Conly, and John Halecky have even made a short film about Overton’s incredible life, soon to be featured on National Geographic.

Cigar smoking is a crucial part of his routine — he sometimes smokes 12 a day! “But you can’t inhale,” Overton says. “I’m doing it the healthy way.”

Another secret? “I eat ice cream every night,” he says. “It makes me happy.” His favorite flavor is butter pecan.

Hey, if these are the keys, we might make it that long in life, too…