You Can Now Have Your Ice Cream and Drink It Too-- In Beer Format, That Is
Photo via Graeter’s

Graeter’s Ice Cream lovers, rejoice! You can now eat your ice cream and drink it, too. As WLWT5 in Cincinnati reports, Graeter’s Ice Cream brand is moving towards the brewing business, joining forces with a brewery in Kentucky to create a craft beer from one of its most popular flavors.

Braxton Brewing Company will soon release a “cream inspired stout” based off the renowned Graeter’s flavor, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip. The ice cream flavor is one of the most beloved flavors available from Graeter’s line; as WLWT5 reports, the milk stout will be a “dark brew with notes of roasted barley and creamy texture, using Graeter’s black raspberry puree.”

The beer is set to debut on February 3rd, coming to a store near you on February 6th. We can’t think of a better way to fill your ice cream fix in the dead of winter than through Milk Stout form.