Oh, Canada. Your Beer Thieves Dress Like Hockey Players

In “We’re Not Sure If This Makes Canada Great or Ridiculous” news, two men were caught on surveillance footage stealing beer from a liquor store in the Manitoba community of Russell on August 15. Not quite newsworthy, even when you consider all they stole was beer (you’d think they’d at least peek at the cash register). No, what makes the story remarkable, if not necessarily something for the “Great Idea” record books: one of the men was dressed in what appears to be a hockey goalie uniform. Complete with stick.

Yes, it sounds highly improbable, but if you watch the footage, you’ll see the first thief streak across the parking lot outside the liquor store in some kind of bulky, highly unseasonal Canadian garb. About three seconds later, a second guy lurches after him like the Yeti dressed as a hockey goalie, clearly having trouble (wonder why?) keeping pace.

At around 10 seconds in, you’ll see footage from the inside of the store showing the front door being smashed open by the first thief, who clambers in awkwardly, only to be followed by what’s either his drinking buddy or an actual Toronto Maple Leaf player gone rogue. The two load up on beer and exit the store as hastily as several pounds of sporting equipment, and one giant unwieldy hockey stick, allow.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are on the lookout for the two men, saying “anyone with information about this theft or [who] has played against a goalie matching this description is asked to call Russell RCMP,” who will presumably apprehend the thief and send him to the penalty box.