The Obamas spent some time in Italy this week having a grand time. According to Divini Corrieri, the former President and First Lady had a customized wine tasting of nine wines, coordinated by Filippo Bartolotta, a renowned Tuscan food and wine tour coordinator. Bartolotta reportedly worked day in and day out customizing the list, which remained a complete secret until three days prior to the couple’s arrival.

“I chose the vintages with the Obama’s dates in mind,” Bartolotta tells Divini Corriere. “I looked to the Langhe for two bottles of Oddero Barolo from 1961, the birth year of the former President, and I chose a Col d’Orcia Brunello di Montalcino from 1964, Michelle’s [birth] year. And then, I chose a Sassicaia 2009, the year President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize,”

The first half hour was entirely dedicated to tasting. Bartolotta tells Divini Corrieri that Michelle was extremely attentive and passionate for wine, and that she “listened and asked questions.”

“We learned a lot,” she said, as she thanked him.

As for the state of the wines? “Perfect bottles, no trace of oxidation. The Barolo [showed] aromas of rose petal and tartufo, the Brunello more earthy, but with delicate fruitiness,” Bartolotta explained.

As for the former President, he reportedly left asking Bartolotta, “Why do I like these Italian wines so much?” The Tuscan wine expert’s response? “I chose wines that I also like too.”