A man walks onto a stage wearing a roll-neck sweater, jeans, and white tennis shoes. Set to a black backdrop bearing a company logo, he is ready to announce an innovative new product. But this is not the smartphone launch of Silicon Valley tech company. This is the launch of a new type of beer: Busch Light Apple.

The AB-InBev-owned brand announced the apple-flavored light lager on Monday morning via a “keynote address” video. From start to finish, almost every aspect of its production takes a humorous jab at a Big Tech product release.

Busch Guy, the “official spokesman” for the brand, features as the star speaker in the video. After introducing Busch as “a thought leader for cutting edge innovations,” he goes on to describe the product’s development using phrases like “honing the perfect module” and a “groundbreaking advancement in beerology.” The techie lingo continues throughout, with each can described as “embedded with 16 ounces of liquid bandwidth.”

For three minutes, Busch Guy maintains the parody. But then he appears to decide enough is enough and ditches the Silicon Valley persona. After ripping off his suit-coat sleeves, he eagerly cracks open a cold one.

Credit: Busch Apple

While Busch Guy could only play the part for so long, the brand itself is taking the parody even further. As part of the launch of the apple-flavored beer, Busch Light also announced “Apple Beer Replacement Protection.” In truth, more of a contest than actual insurance, the promotion promises the chance of free beer regardless.

To qualify, drinkers have to take a picture with a Busch Light Apple and post it on social media with hashtags #BuschProtection and #Promotion. The first 1,000 drinkers to do so between before July 17 could win $10 towards a replacement pack.

Want to explore the realm of apple-flavored beer and expand your own “liquid bandwidth”? The limited-release product is available in 12, 24, and 30 packs of 12-ounce cans, with 16-ounce cans also offered in some states. (You can find out more about the release and the rules of the Beer Replacement Protection promo here.)

Busch has not announced how long the apple-flavored beer will be available for. But if the brand is really embracing the Big Tech parody, chances are there will be a newer, more exciting launch in one year’s time.