Running a mile is a feat within itself, so imagine doing so with a beer in the mix. That’s the premise of the Beer Mile World Classic, a race that dates back to 1989.

This year, Canadian athlete Corey Bellemore took home the world title while racing in Manchester, England. The three-time winner set a new world record for the event, completing four laps and dowing four beers — better known as the “beer mile” — in four minutes and 28 seconds.

“I knew the potential was there, and I’m finally happy to go sub-4:30,” Bellemore stated in an interview. “There’s still room for improvement, but overall, good quality field, everyone ran really fast, so it was an awesome day.”


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The rules for the race are serious, covering everything from how to properly consume the beer to the repercussions of runners vomiting (an extra lap is tacked on).

Bellemore began competing in 2016. Since then, he has consistently beaten his own record. But in 2018, Bellemore was disqualified from the race after leaving over 4.5 ounces of beer unfinished on the track — half an ounce more than is allowed.

Canadian Athlete Sets New Record for Fastest Beer Mile

Still, being able to chug beer and run a mile in under four and a half minutes certainly earns Bellemore bragging points of a lifetime. Cheers to you, Bellemore!