At the Beer Mile World Classic in Vancouver on Aug. 11, 2018, 20 runners competed in the men’s race for the title of this year’s chugging-and-running champion. Initially, reigning champ Corey Bellemore broke his own world record of four minutes and 33 seconds with a four minute and 44 second beer mile. But then came the buzzkill: Bellemore was disqualified for leaving 4.5 ounces of beer behind. (The maximum amount of beer permissible to leave behind is four ounces. So close!)

British runner, Dale Clutterbuck stole the gold with a 4:50 mile. A snail’s pace, amiright? He was the only one to finish legally under five minutes.

(Beer mile: four laps around a track, chugging a 12-ounce beer of at least five percent ABV before each lap. Doing this in five minutes, or any amount of time, is astounding.)

Three other top ten contestants were disqualified for similar offenses, Runners World reports.

Beer or no beer, we’re not running any five-minute mile, so Bellemore’s shameful finish is still a resounding success in our eyes. Cheers, Bellemore. Better chug next time.

Watch a video from the event here.