The next time you crack open an ice-cold Natty Light, you might notice a change. An upcoming rebrand of Natural Light lager will include a package redesign and refocused national advertising campaign.

Rollout of reimagined Natural Light cans will begin in February, the brand tells VinePair over email. The rebrand is purely aesthetic and will not include a recipe change.

This “new” design might look familiar to some consumers. In 2021 and 2022, the brand launched limited releases of the same vintage-inspired cans in select markets. It’s safe to assume the design received positive reception; the cans will be the brand’s new permanent packaging.

Similar to other recent brand transformations, Natural Light’s embraces minimalism. Soothing neutral colors and a vintage-inspired font pull inspiration from the brand’s packaging of the 1970s.

Credit: Natural Light


“Starting to hit shelves this month, the new can design is an ode to one of the first Natural Light can designs from 1979, featuring a throwback logo, crest, and the classic color scheme,” the brand writes. ”Off the heels of two successful limited edition runs in 2021 and 2022, the new, vintage-inspired can and packaging designs are now here to stay.”

In addition to the redesign, Natural Light will refocus on its long-running “Act Natural” advertising campaign. Ads for the “Shore Champagne” are set to reflect the easygoing nature of the Carolinas and southern East Coast, which Natural Light states is core to its identity. A new “Act Natural” commercial debuted online on Monday:

It’s only Natural for a beer brand that’s been around for over forty years to switch up its look every once in a while.