The Masters Tournament tees off on April 11, 2019 at the Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Ga. While professional golfers compete for an $11 million dollar purse, spectators can compete for a year of free beer on behalf of Natural Light.

Natural Light announced on Tuesday that for every birdie scored at the tournament on Sunday, the brand will award a year of free beer to a lucky winner. All said winner has to do is tweet with the hashtags #BirdieLight and #Sweepstakes.

The cheeky sweetstakes promotes Natural Light’s low-calorie lager, which, at 95 calories, beats out Miller Lite’s 96 calories for those seeking for the lowest score. (Get it? Like golf?) That one calorie difference makes Miller Lite “par,” and Natural Light “birdie.”

(“Birdie” is a scoring term used by golfers indicating a score of 1 under par on a hole. Par is the expected number of strokes to complete a hole.)

To enter to win, tweeters technically don’t even have to watch the tournament, or tweet about golf. A spokesperson confirmed with VinePair, “Anyone wishing to enter can Tweet whatever they’d like, as long as it includes those two hashtags.”

Tweet, birdies, tweet!