muselet turtle craft

Attention sparkling wine lovers: The perfect craft exists for all of those left over cork cages you’ve been throwing away. It’s the muselet turtle, because we all like turtles, so start popping bottles and stop tossing cork cages.

So what’s it made from? You guessed it: The muselet (that wire cage that goes over the cork of sparkling wine, nice cider, and beer). Everyone is so enthralled by cork crafts that they tend to disregard the humble muselet, but it’s time for a horde of marching muselet turtles to make that trend end.

Because let’s be honest, you and your friends all appreciate crafting and turning waste into wonder. Best of all, you can impress all of your friends by making a muselet turtle right in front of their face in about five minutes. All you have to do is fold the four wires holding the two circular ends in half while making sure you don’t pop out the top (that’s going to be the turtle shell). Give the neck a couple twists, bend it at an upward angle, and fold the little guy’s tail into a point. Viola, you now have a muselet turtle and everyone is impressed.

Muselet Turtle

Ok, so it might take a little practice. Just another excuse to buy a couple “practice” bottles in my opinion. If anyone asks, just remember. We all like turtles.

***Googly eyes not included.